77221378 Best of Chuck Liddell

(Getty Images)

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell makes his return to the cage this Saturday night at UFC 115 against Rich Franklin.  Liddell has not fought since April of 2009 when he lost via TKO to current LHW Champ Shogun Rua.  It appeared that The Iceman’s career was over.  He has lost 4 of his last 5 fights including 3 in devastating fashion (Rampage Jackson, Rashad Evans, Shogun Rua).  Known for his KO victories, Liddell has not celebrated one of those since 2006.  Perhaps this video will refresh your memory. 

Many of those clips were obviously from a long time ago.  The truth is Liddell is a legend in the sport.  But I truly believe he should be done.  The guy has said he believes he can win back the title that he owend for so long.  Really?  Do you consider him a Top 15 fighter in his weight class?  I don’t.  I respect Liddell for everything he has done for the sport, but I don’t want to see him turn into Ken Shamrock or Tank Abbott.

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