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Bob Neumeier joined the Felger and Massarotti show today to discuss the worst call in recent memory. Not only was umpire Jim Joyce in perfect position to make the call and blew it, he robbed Armando Galarraga of a chance at history. The guys discuss what the MLB should do with it’s instant replay policy.

Felger: “You got to think in the wake of this there’s going to be an adjustment to the policy. This is going to help spurn something new. When something like this happens there’s usually a reaction to it. I think this is going to impact replay. But I am concerned about the slippery slope.”

Massarotti: “The best suggestion I have heard, Terry Francona has said this over and over again and I actually give him credit for it because it’s a good theory. And it solves a lot of problems for baseball in these sorts of things. Add a 5th umpire. Put him in the booth and make him the official scorer. So he scores the game, he has replay capability, there’s direct communication with the guys on the field. Solved.”

Bob Neumeier doesn’t want baseball to expand the replay policy because it will also expand the length of the game. He had this to say…

Bob Neumeier: “This game has slowed to a walk. I say play on. I don’t expand replay because of this play last night. It’s a human error. I feel bad for the pitcher. I feel bad for the umpire. But to all of a sudden have a knee jerk reaction because after the game the angelic looking pitcher says all the right things, the umpire sheds tears. That suddenly, because it’s the last out of the game, should expand replay? Should tack on 30 minutes to an already marathon-like sport? No.”

Felger and Mazz believe that there can be a happy medium without interrupting the flow and extending the length of the game. Felger and Mazz can imagine baseball with  instant replay similar to college football where the decisions are made quickly by an official in the press box. What should the MLB do?

Comments (2)
  1. Josh says:

    Just put it in the record books….28 up, 28 down. perfect game.

  2. Dennis H. Pateras says:

    I agree with Felger. They could use replay but just hurry it up a bit.The best way they can shorten games is to tell the players to
    stop with the stupid, superstitious routines they do everytime they step up to the plate. Gacciaparra was the worst tugging at the gloves a million times. Fisk was another one. I disagree with
    Lynch when he said agreed with not overturning the perfect game bad call when he said;” This is about winning and losing games”. teams win and lose all season. This rare event of a perfect game,not to mention the first in Detroit history was far
    more important. They reverse home run calls.Baseball has to change it’s archaic thinking.

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