Drunken Red Sox Recap: "Party On, Garth."

fenway park Drunken Red Sox Recap: "Party On, Garth."

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Adolfo was out at Fenway after the Red Sox game and talked to two guys from North Dakota about the game. He got their suggestion for a new song to play during the seventh inning stretch and they seem to be a little behind on their pop culture references.

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  • Jeff

    I am pretty sure “Sweet Caroline” is an eighth inning stretch song, not the seventh inning stretch. F’ing, Adolfo.

  • Chilli

    Jeff, dude, take off the pink hat…it IS the seventh inning stretch…F’ing, Adolfo!

    • Mike

      7th inning stretch is take me out the ball game….Middle of 8th is sweet caroline…who’s the pink hat now nitwit

      • Chilli

        oops…F’n Adolfo!

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