fenway park Drunken Red Sox Recap: "Party On, Garth."

(Getty Images)

Adolfo was out at Fenway after the Red Sox game and talked to two guys from North Dakota about the game. He got their suggestion for a new song to play during the seventh inning stretch and they seem to be a little behind on their pop culture references.

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Comments (4)
  1. Jeff says:

    I am pretty sure “Sweet Caroline” is an eighth inning stretch song, not the seventh inning stretch. F’ing, Adolfo.

  2. Chilli says:

    Jeff, dude, take off the pink hat…it IS the seventh inning stretch…F’ing, Adolfo!

    1. Mike says:

      7th inning stretch is take me out the ball game….Middle of 8th is sweet caroline…who’s the pink hat now nitwit

      1. Chilli says:

        oops…F’n Adolfo!

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