“There gonna’ be some more black on black crime.”

Memorable words from Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and the beginning of the verbal war between UFC fighters Jackson and “Suga” Rashad Evans.  It’s only gotten worse.  At UFC 114, after months of anticipation, the two Light Heavyweights will finally meet in the Octagon. 

At first you’d think these two fighters would get along.  Both are in the same division.  Both are full of personality and charisma.  Both are former UFC Light Heavyweight Champions.

But both also have one more thing in common, hatred for the other.

The UFC took advantage of this hatred by pitting the two against each other on the 10th season of “The Ultimate Fighter”.  By the show’s conclusion, fight fans were ready to witness a memorable battle.  The fans were ready, Evans was ready, the UFC was ready…Jackson wasn’t.

“Rampage” walked away from not only the fight, but the organization.  He was offered to play B.A. Baracus and accepted. 

(Blogger’s note:  Really, who wouldn’t want to play Mr. T’s classic A-Team character?  I sure as hell would play Hannibal if asked.  But I digress.)

The decision of movie over pay-per-view caused many to question if Jackson cared any more?  Fans wondered if he’d come back.  Evans questioned Jackson’s desire to want to fight him. 

Here’s some advice:  Don’t doubt “Rampage”.  Jackson is fueled by what he sees as overconfidence and disrespect from Evans.  Jackson is still one of the most dangerous fighters in the world; when he’s motivated, he does damage. 

As for Evans, he’s taken it too far recently by mentioning “Rampage” as an “Uncle Tom”.  But while some may be turned off by Evans’ lip service, others marvel at his all around skill.  He might rub his nipples before the fight, gyrate during battle and be a little over the top with his histrionics, but the truth, is the cat can fight.

You’d think two talented fighters with mutual hatred would be enough to create fireworks, but there’s something else.  The winner will get the first shot at newly crowned Light Heavyweight Champion, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, and attempt to reclaim the title that was once theirs.

Nearly a year after the talking began; this score should finally be settled.  And if the verbal battles have been any indication, we should be ready to witness something special.

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