Rich Goes to the Movies: Before Rich gets to his movie reviews he announces that Megan Fox was dropped from the new Transformers movie, this most likely happening as a result of her comparing the director Michael Bay to Hitler. Also, Shia Labeouf was talking trash about the second Transformers movie and about Steven Spielberg and the newest Indiana Jones movie.

The first movie review was on MacGruber, which started as an SNL skit, and was put onto the big screen. The movie is only 80 minutes long and Rich said it has four enormous laughs, which is all you can really ask for in a comedy nowadays. Rich gave it four out of five and it has gotten 80 percent positive reviews. The second movie is Shrek Forever After. Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz and return for the newest Shrek movie. Rich’s musical review gives some really good insight to this movie.

Terez Owens, who broke the story of Delonte West and LeBron James’ mother, joins the show.  He is on a sports gossip website and he says he trusts his sources. Owens said he got an email from a source that they’ve used before. He said that it allegedly happened the night of the MVP party. Rich asked what happened and he said he doesn’t know the details just the rumor. LeBron’s attorneys got in contact with him and wanted to speak to his lawyer. Rich asks how do you know if your source is credible and his only response was “I trust my source.” After that finally Fred is just done with the interview and hangs up on him.

Drunken Red Sox Recap: The faster guy makes an appearance today for the “Turner and Hooch Drunken Sox Recap.” He says Ortiz is the best hitter right now and he should be showing up here pretty soon. His rough start is probably because he is left-handed. The Celtics are playing well because of the time slots. Kevin Garnett is the best player because he was been a Celtic for so long he has been around forever. He thinks Radondo is a good player. Apparently LeBron is going to New York for the Chrysler building, Duane Reade, the Empire State building, and New Jersey is right there. His super power would teleporting, preferably in a ninja suit. If he could transport anywhere right now it would probably be USA, Atlanta, or Anchorage because of its height.

David Ortiz is lashing out at the media for being criticized for his start. Fred would understand if it was about his personal life, but it is his profession and he gets 12 million dollars in a job that’s open to the public eye. It drives Fred crazy thinking he is above criticism. He is in a big market, deal with it, if you don’t want the criticism when your not performing then go play somewhere like Pittsburg.


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