delonte west lebron james Terez Owens: Delonte West & LeBron James' Mother

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Toucher & Rich talk with Terez Owens about the story he broke about Delonte West having a relationship with LeBron James’ mom. They question him about his source and how well he trusts it.

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Comments (9)
  1. Alex says:

    For a writer, eloquent this guy ain’t

  2. Blake says:

    Ya, he’s an idiot phony poser who just puts up lies about famous people to try to become famous.

  3. Fly says:

    It doesn’t matter if his source was credible or not. To hang up on someone you invite on your radio show because he doesn’t reveal his sources to you is LOW CLASS. Very Low Class. If you don’t like the way the kids sounds, don’t put him on the air in the first place.
    You’re trying to dip into HIS story but still keep your credibility with Lebron’s people.
    Nice try dumb asses… Who invited who on their media outlet?Your at the same level as TerezOwens or two bottom-feeders below.

    1. terry demonte says:

      Gotta agree, YOU invited him on the show and tried to have it both ways: enjoy the publicity on what is most likely a canulard and make sure that you stand up from Bronbron.
      You are a halfway douche on this, sitting on that fence smack dab in the middle.

      You expected him to reveal his sources?
      Really? Are you playing naive or is this not an act?

  4. D.C. Homey says:

    Please America…there is no truth to this rumor,and if there is,it’s his mother’s business….Lebron has done more for Cleveland than George Voinovich and Jim Brown combined….stop the hateration… for the Cavs…the only thing sweeter than seeing the franchise sink back into the abyss is knowing that Jameson will share in their fate for his betrayal of the Wizzards….HaHaHaHaHa!!!!!

    1. FeatherWeight says:

      The Wizards Traded Jamison (Spelled Correctly)! So how did he betray them!!

  5. Jay says:

    It’s nice to see Terez Owens has a couple of fans…

    You are all hypocrites. Everyone gets annoyed at a story developed by a non-trustworthy source that gets publicity for all the wrong reasons. They didn’t want to feed into the BS being spewed by this Owens character. Good for them.

  6. Dakel76 says:

    why should he reveal his sources so you can get who told the story fierd pleese do ypu reveal your’s?

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