shrek Rich Goes To The Movies

(Getty Images)

Rich starts this weeks segment off with some Transformers talk and Megan Fox seems to not like Michael Bay. Rich also reviews Will Forte’s movie MacGruber and Shrek Forever After.

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  1. Blake says:

    None of T&R’s podcasts from TODAY are showing up in itunes. 5/20 are the last ones. I have all links subscribed in iTunes (both AAC bit rates and both MPS bit rates) and their not showing up in either.

    1. CBS Radio says:

      Hi Blake – still more “growing pains” with this new system. We’re waiting to find out how long the problem is going to take.


      1. Blake says:

        Brutal. I know you guys are doing your best but this whole T&R podcasting thing seeems like its much more complicated than it needs to be. WHat new podcasting system did you guys adopt?? I’ve used ePodcast Creator before and that was pretty solid. Also, a friend in your industry uses a program/client called Propaganda. Check it out.

      2. CBS Radio says:

        Don’t even get me started. :)

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