rocheblog Time to Say Good Bye to LowellMike Lowell will be and has been one of my favorite athletes to cover in Boston. The 2007 World Series MVP is one of the nicest players to come through these parts. He’s a thoughtful human being as well. Anyone who wants a good insight into waht he’s all about should read his book that he did with Rob Bradford. Mike’s also has a wicked sense of humor. Great sarcasm. My kind of guy.

But with that said……it’s time for him to end his days in a Boston Red Sox uniform.

He’s obviously frustrated with his situation and voiced his displeasure again on Tuesday to Sox reporters in New York.

“I know I want to play baseball. I enjoy playing baseball. But I think that’s the element that’s a little bit out of my control. I just don’t see the role here. With David and myself are basically two roster spots that don’t play on the field. Those spots could be used in a lot of different ways. I mean, we’ve got a lot of things we got to fix here.”

When asked if he might ask for his release?

“Have I given it thought? Sure.”

Now let me start by saying I wasn’t there so I don’t know exactly how the conversation started and didn’t hear all that Lowell said. Again, I think he’s a classy guy. But with that said….

Michael, it’s time to go. Your team is coming off a crushing loss to your arch-rival and is hanging on by a thread. You’ve been a good soldier throughout this situation. But, now is not the time for this. Your team needs you. Needs you to sit tight. I’m sure your manager feels the same way. Because pretty soon it may not matter who plays when and where on this team. Your team is that close to kissing good-bye the 2010 season.

Save it for later. Trust me, things will work out. You’ve been a great player, teammate, etc. It will work out.

Or, simply go upstairs to Theo and ask for that release. Tell Theo it’s just simply time to move on.

If not, then you’ve got to just be patient. For the good of everybody.

Dan Roche is an award winning veteran sports anchor and reporter for WBZ-TV News.

roche Time to Say Good Bye to LowellHe is a reporter for WBZ-TV’s and The New England Patriots’ flagship programs “Patriots All-Access” and “Patriots Gameday” and is a host of “Patriots 5th Quarter” post-game show. Roche is a contributor to WBZ Newsradio 1030AM as well as 98.5 The Sports Hub. He also has a Red Sox blog “Hit and Run” on You can follow Dan on Twitter at “rochiewbz”.

Read more of Roche’s Red Sox Blog at WBZ Blogs.


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