• front office of the Bruins said they wont get hall in the first round they have decide to go for run prevention bill nh
  • U want to know what jacobs thinks about when he goes to bed? Concessions thats what. He owns the building/ concessions …he goes to bed saying go celtics!
  • Dont forget. Bruins gotta resign varitek!
  • Jacobs isn’t thinking about stanley cups, hes thinking about how many hot dogs he can sell… Go celtics he says….los from brookline!
  • I was at the game. Walked outside and it downnnnpoured on me. I now believe in a god and he was definitely pissing on all bruins fans.
  • potential here. Need to boot Claude though.
  • the jacobs will always do the minimum 2 keep people in the seats-they don’t care about the cup, they r all about PROFIT! -curmudgeon
  • All I can say is someone better get the b’ s some vagasil so they can get the sand out their vagina before next yr
  • Hey felger everything u just said was perfect jacobs only cares about filling the seats thats it my dad has been saying that 2 me since 1983. dave from nh
  • Can we stop blaming the coach for the players lack of heart? That’s on the players and gm. Ed in hp.
  • Hell no. Winning a cup is not jacob’s priority. It never has been. He is happy with making the playoffs, winning a series (or 2), and listening to the co
  • Rumor has it delonte west slept with dwight howards mother and just incase he nailed old lady nash and grandma bryant. chris from pawtucket
  • we need to send scalabrine to go bang dwight howards mom that should gaurantee a sweep
  1. Mark says:

    Chara can not stick handle. Free up the cap and trade him for someone who can rush it in.

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