jacobs The Bruins Choke Job: Who's to blame?With the Bruins epic collapse still fresh in our minds, who do you blame? The players? They were up 3-0 after the first period in a game 7  where they had a 3-0 series lead. Felger and Mazz blame the culture and look to the owner and GM for this Bruins team not being “championship driven”.

Felger: “Is this team, to use a cliche, ‘championship driven?’ It’s real hard to blame a GM or an owner, or a management group for a game 7 loss. Right? But it’s been 38 years now, right? 35 since Jeremy Jacobs has owned the team. Are there common denominators there over those 35 years with the way the team is run, the culture of the team, the actions of the managers of the team. Are there some common denominators? I think there might be. And I think that just big picture, culture scares me on that team.”

Mazz: “You’ve got to ask serious questions now as to whether or not you think the coach is the guy to lead them. You’ve got to ask serious questions about the makeup of the team. Whether you want to talk from the the captain right down to the 20th guy.”

Felger: “If winning a championship is your top priority, as an owner, you do not have a GM/President on the job for 31 years without winning one. There is no other answer. I’m not saying Jacobs doesn’t want to win. Of course he wants to win! I’m not saying he doesn’t want a cup. Of course he wants a cup! Is it his number 1 priority? If you have a chief executive on the job for 31 years and he never wins a cup, how can you say that winning a cup is your top priority?”

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  1. Tim Krauss says:

    Difficult to blame the owner and GM for blowing the Flyers series. They’ve not won the Cup since ’72 but Bruins ownership has done enough the last few years to avoid the blame. I’m sure the Bruins will make some offseason moves and improve an already solid core of players. Perhaps coach Julien is more to blame; team insiders would know. I have no idea. Yeah this was a terrible end to a promising playoff after beating Buffalo, but the players blew it far more than the higher-ups in the organization.

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