[photogallerylink id=20741 align=right]D.A spoke with Felger about the Bruins collapse in game 7.  Felgy was not in a good mood after the Bruins loss.

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  1. Don says:

    Redsox world series wins required change of ownership first
    Patriots superbowl wins required change of ownership first. Bruins have a culture of failure driven from the ownership down. Boycott the Bruins until Jacobs sells.

  2. Danny says:

    The fact of the matter is you have a three goal lead because you are doing the little things, taking the body, good forechecking, battling for every loose puck and crashing the net. Then you decide to play soft after you had the momentum from the 1st period. I blame the players mostly for not sucking it up after that 1st goal and playing harcore team Bruins hockey. Big Bad Bruins, the guy with the most heart and balls on the team is 42 years old and already won two Stanley Cups in Mark Recchi, enough said!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. goceltics says:

    blame felger for touting rask in net period

  4. Derek says:

    Still waiting for the “Easy Sweep” Felger was talking about.

  5. the player says:

    lets see if felger and maz can insult the orlando fans. felger how did work out for you with the flyer’s? The best you two can do is stay away from thr green machine, no insult needed.

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