Text Messages to 69985

A sample of the text messages you’ve sent this morning…

  • Lackey lester and beckett will prob step up pitch well, but running Dice K out every 5th game flies in the face of run prevention.–Garrett in Lunenburg
  • Sox are the biggest problem. C’s in playoffs and won series. B’s in playoffs and likely win 2 series. Sox won’t make playoffs. With that payroll, please.
  • Please dont let callers suggest things like bringing closers in during the fifth inning… It just doesnt reflect well on the fan base – lambo from milton
  • If a pink hat knows about beckett’s deal that person is no longer a pink hat. -Charles in Natick
  • Guys, I think Tito needs to make a statement to give the sox locker room some identity. He’s a great player’s manager, but it’s becoming a babying operation.
  • Reality Check everyone : Red Sox are done Early, Celtics blew their chance. Bruins are the only ones that have a legitimate shot at a title.
  • Biggest concern is Sox rotation; thought it would be the best since mid 90’s Braves-Jim/Danvers
  • Its hypocritical to talk about how awful the officiating is in hockey and ignore how bad it is in basketball. Its obvious the NBA wants kobe vs lebron.
  • Guys were payin Satan like 330K. No way we sign him for the whole season next year. Maybe a Feb pick up, something similar to this year. Eric in the truck
  • This hurt elbow stuff is ridiculous do you honestly think that lebron is hurt? Its a joke, all the nba does is cater to their golden boy
  • Bruins scored 4 goals yesterday…they didn’t lose because of the lack of Krejci

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