bc1 3 BC Hockey Players Face ChargesThree members of Boston College’s national championship hockey team are among seven college-age people facing alcohol charges following a collision between their SUV and a trolley.

An MBTA spokesman says Jane Stanton, the driver of the Jeep Cherokee; Philip Samuelsson; Patrick Wey; Parker Milner; Tina Dilandry; Reilly Corbett and Elizabeth Motley are all charged with being minors in possession of alcohol following the accident early Sunday.

Samuelsson, Wey and Milner are all on BC’s hockey team that won the national championship this month.

The MBTA says the vehicle was making a U-turn across the tracks and hit the train. Some people in the Jeep suffered minor injuries.

A BC spokesman says the school is cooperating with authorities and students could also face campus sanctions.

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