dev Pats Pick McCourty At The 27th PickAfter trading down from 22 to 24 and then again to 27 where the Pats finally select Cornerback Devin McCourty out of Rutgers.

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  1. Angry John says:

    Absolutely ridiculous! They could have had either of the two best WRs in the draft. They could have gotten Kindle or Hughes and gotten some pass rush. They even could have had the best cover corner in the draft. Instead they draft a CB with a small frame and marginal ball skills. Yah, that works. Lets get another CB that we can hang out to dry on every play while opposing QBs have all day to pick them apart. Do they even want to improve?

    I am absolutely disgusted…. especially since they let the Jets get the best cover corner to add to their already stacked secondary. Be prepared for the Pats to get swept by the Jets next year and Maz is probably having a priapism right now.

    1. Cowboy Roy says:

      As A Cowboys fan I thank your coach on letting us get the best Wr in the draft. The Pats the last few years just have not drafted very well have they? Is the pats coach losing it? The Pats fans are going to be absolutely livid on the talk shows Friday! get ready for no more bellichek ass kissing!

    2. Ben says:

      They need a pass rush. we are not giving our corners a shot in the world if the opposing qb has all day to throw. no disrespect to this kid we drafted but the needs at other spots in this team should have been addressed. i do however like they got a third round pack by trading down. but by trading down, they still could have got one of the two elite outside linebackers they needed. thomas wont be back nex year they must address the lb situation in the 2nd round.

      Finally, Maz will be sporting wood after the jets draft on tomorrows show

    3. Complaint says:

      Welcome to THIRD PLACE in the East, Bill. Get used to hearing J-E-T-S

  2. Dazed and Confused says:

    I don’t even know what to think…. This team has so many needs that it has to address and a CB that is basically a special teams player is not the answer!! Keep on stock piling the fourth round picks and watch everyone else in your division get light years ahead of you. It seems to me that this team is more interested in selling seats at Davio’s than putting a GREAT football team on the field… Good luck next year!!!

  3. Greg says:

    This is a joke. The Krafts need to step in and get the “genius” out of the draft room. You had a great LB in Kindle left and you go after a special teams player. This guy is not that good. Enough with the trading down for more picks. 13 of crap is still crap!

  4. Walrus says:

    Ok, I am mad I had a total stiffy for Jerry Hughes. The kid is an absolute stud and would have been a great compliment to Ty Warren. But, everyone is about to jump off a bridge and the Pats have only made one pic. Everyone needs to relax, there is plenty more prospects in what is the deepest draft in a long time. Perhaps, the Patriots see upside in drafting a guy like Koa Misi or Daryl Washington. Anyways the point is don’t panic we have to see how the rest of the draft, especially the second round goes.

  5. If we put all YOUR rings together you'd have 5 less then BB ! says:

    Once again, NE Fans/media overreacting to 1 pick! Give me a break. Thank god none of you or the buttheads on this station are running the Patriots! 1 pick does not define a draft and last I checked, the Patriots won 3 superbowls w/o a receiver of Moss’ caliber on the roster. Getting CB w/ 4.3 speed who can tackle, played in a complex defense and also excels on SP teams is not a bad pick at 27. Dez Bryant doesn’t strike me as anything more then talent w/ hands. If he cant grasp our offense mentally, what good is he. I remember them praising JJ Stokes coming out of college too. How’d he turn out. Relax people. They’ve got more then 10 picks left . Let’s wait til sunday and see what they end up w/ before we line up on the Tobin!

    1. MJD says:

      Yeah- 10 picks left… and 5 of them are at the end of the 7th round. Dez Bryant supposedly has off the charts football IQ, he just comes from a bad home situation. No comparison to JJ Stokes. Quit making things up, man. It was a bad pick. Admit it and move on, will ya? Going for it on 4th and 2 with a 6 point lead because they can’t get a pass rush going does not get fixed with a special teams pick…

      1. If we put all YOUR rings together you'd have 5 less then BB ! says:

        It only takes 2 of those 5 to address the pass rush genius! Dez Bryant doesn’t have off the charts a/thing! He’s talented yes, but he’s not worth taking that high for what he’s gonna cost when you can add WR depth later in the Draft. Dave Givens? Deon Branch Marques Colston? Julian Edlemen. Why don’t you move on? 3 of the above mentioned went after the sixth round. And why don’t you get over the 4th and 2 already. Talk about pathetic. And JJ Stokes is NOT a bad comparison. He was high prized WR who flopped. Want another? How about Carlos Rogers? History of past drafts proves you can find a quality Wide out and a pass rushers after the 1st round. So until Sunday night at least, watch it play out before you push the panic on a WR who can’t even stay on the field.

    2. MJD says:

      Let me get this straight- a couple compensation picks after the end of the 7th Round- probably around the 230th or 240th picks of the draft- are going to fix the pass rush? Is that what you’re trying to sell as a response to an impossibly irrational argument? And you’re calling ME the genius? I notice two very telling things about your alleged argument- you used the words value and depth quite liberally, but not once do I see the word talent. According to you, the Patriots are so brilliant that they can draft equally talented players in the 6th round as other teams can in the upper half of the 1st round. I suppose that would explain all the rings since 2004, right?

      1. If we put all YOUR rings together you'd have 5 less then BB ! says:

        My point is TALENT is NOT enough. Bethel Johnson had alot of TALENT. How’d he turn out? Chad Jackson had alot of TALENT too. Where’s he now. The kid they drafted last night has TALENT, but also skill and he can could help us on Def and Special Teams. And by the way, if you away our kicker, the special teams also sucked last year. How many games did special teams use to win us on field position alone? 2 or 3 a season. And I would pin no rings since 2004 on 2 things……ASANTE “I’m SO TALENTED” Sanuels DROP on the last Giant Drive that would have won the SB in 2007 and Brady’s season ending injury in 2008.

    3. MJD says:

      Incidentally- this isn’t necessarily about Dez Bryant anyway. For every 2 or 3 late round steals you can list, i can list 15-20 late round flops. So what’s your point? This is really about taking impact players who can win you games, instead of constantly trading down for value and depth and trying to prove over and over again what a genius you are. Look at what San Diego did. Look at what Dallas did. Hate to break it to you, but both of those teams have passed the Patriots (as much as I hate to admit it) in the talent department, and yet they are still being aggressive and proactive and trying to bring in more impact players. Where are the impact players on New England? Are they all coming tonight and tomorrow in the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th rounds? Good luck with that…

  6. If we put all YOUR rings together you'd have 5 less then BB ! says:

    And yes I’m pretty BB knows the needs of this team better then all of you. There is no point in shelling out millions for players you aren’t sure of in the 1st place. Quick question. Is Jerry Jones a BETTER evaluater of talent then BB??? And if Kindle is so great, how come nobody else took him in the 1st round? Think people!

    1. MJD says:

      I’m sure you’re correct- I’m quite sure he knows the needs of the team much better than any of us (including you, by the way), but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s as willing to address them at any cost- I think I might have heard the word “value” come out of his mouth one or two times over the years, no? Jones may or may not be a better evaluator of talent then Belichick, but at least he admits when he makes a mistake and makes it a point not to do it again- hence passing on Randy Moss 12 years ago, learning a valuable lesson, then trading up to grab Dez Bryant this year (at the expense of Belichick, another person who passed on Moss in that draft). Quick question for YOU: Do you think BB learned from HIS mistake???

      1. If we put all YOUR rings together you'd have 5 less then BB ! says:

        Oh and what was his mistake? Asante Samuel? Philly’s secondary gave up 27 TD passes last season. Maybe b/c they wouldn’t or couldn’t resign Dawkins. Wonder if Samuels overpaid arse had a/thing to do w/ that? BB’s only mistake as I see was putting too much faith in his now inexperienced coaching staff, scarnecchia , Peppers aside. I don’t think we can draft a coach though. LOL And are you really compared Dez Bryant to Randy Moss????? Moss ran low 4.3’s at the combine and had over a 40 inch verticle leap, never mind BETTER hands! Keep talkin’ your makin’ my point for me. And I’m not on here questioning BB. You are. I’m saying give let the man finish the draft and see what he comes up with. before passing judgement. NO NO, we can’t possibly do that!!! That would imply rational thought.

    2. MJD says:

      No- his mistake was passing on Randy Moss in the draft 12 years ago, when his scouts had him the highest rated player they’d ever seen. Same thing Jones (and of course many others) did. Jones’ scouts have told him Bryant reminds them of Moss, so instead of making the same mistake again, Jones pounced. Belichick had two shots at Bryant, and opted to stockpile yet another lower round pick (it’s been well documented today how poorly they’ve historically drafted in the 3rd round) and take a special teams guy in the 1st round (!) instead. THAT would be the mistake to which I refer. As for all the other ones you so eloquently listed… as the saying goes- You’re making my point! Just because Philadelphia’s team defense gave up 27 TD’s does not make Asante Samuel a bum- although I suppose he has to be since the Pats didn’t retain him (Bad value, right?). Dawkins is what- 5, 6 years older than Samuel? Can’t imagine why the Eagles would want Samuel over him… As for Scarnecchia being an inexperienced coach- I’m not even gonna dignify that with a response- he’s probably been with the team longer that either of us have been alive! Interestingly, you’re asking everyone to be patient about the Patriots draft picks and don’t pass judgment and see what happens afterwards, yet you are blindingly quick to condemn any comparisons of Bryant to Moss before the guy has even played a professional game! If I were a betting man I’d wager that you’ve never even seen Bryant play a game in your life! I hope the Kool-Aid is at least cherry flavored- that’s my favorite…

      1. If we put all YOUR rings together you'd have 5 less then BB ! says:

        Read my prev post again. “ASIDE FROM Scarnecchia and Peppers”……… Samuel was NOT worth what Philly paid for him. 60 mil for a Corner and he’s not the best in the league.
        Philly is NO closer to a title then before they got him. You shell out that kind of money and you better see TEAM results, not just individual. And I don’t care what Jones’ scouts say. Belichick’s option holds more wait. Sorry, but it does. Jones only has championships b/c of JImmy Johnson what’s he done since 1995(That was still Johnson’s team). Won 1 playoff game. All Jones just is stockpile talent. What’s he got to show for it?
        And do yourself a favor and stop talking you could actually do Belichick’s job. Talk about arrogant. As I said, The patriots won 3 sb’s w/o a TALENT like Dez Bryant. At least Belichick has EARNED his arrogance! LOL

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