WFAN’s Ann Ligouri updates Felger and Massarotti on what’s going on at Augusta National.  Ann lets the guys know how Tiger is looking on his first day.  Also, the amount of spectators following Woods around. 

Is Tiger Woods a distraction for the other teams of golfers?  Also, will the weather effect The Masters Tournament?

  1. Victoria says:

    I was very pleasantly surprised that Ann was so open about her opinion of Tiger. Finally, a golf reporter who isn’t trying to tell me that a pig is a silk purse. You go, Felger, I completely agree with your take on the whole issue as one of sexism and just plain being a dogism. I also agree you cannot separate the man from the golfer. One of the guys on your show tried to defend Tiger by saying that we don’t really know him. Really? I disagree. We are all known by what we do. Philosophers have talked abut this for centuries and it was Aristotle himself who said you cannot separate a man from his actions. By the way, Mazz, Felger’s not annoying on this one. He’s right on and not afraid to say it.

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