Yankees Radio Color Analyst Suzyn Waldman joined Tanguay & Zolak today and explained just why she was so excited to see Roger Clemens in George Stenbrenner’s “Box” back a couple of years ago…

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  1. shaffer says:

    You guys got mentioned on as Yankee / John Sterling site!

  2. Jim Amato says:

    The Yankees are doing it again.
    We had a great line-up. Rotating players to the DH spot to give them a rest was a great idea.
    The young guys like Pena, Curtis, Russo added a lot to the team and they are our future. So where are they now?
    We didn’t need new position players like Kearns and Berkman. It destroyed the integrity of the team.
    So the Yankees are doing it again. When will they learn.
    Don’t mess with success!!!!
    Jim Amato
    Westbrook, CT

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