neworleans Fred's Travel Pick for AprilRich just got back from New Orleans a few weeks, and let me tell you why this is my travel pick of the month for April… 75 degrees, loud bands playing outside at 11:30 at night, and all the bars on world famous Bourbon Street…let’s go! The best way to get to New Orleans? Logan Airport, New England’s Gateway to the World, with the biggest selection of flights, and the lowest fares in New England. This April, visit the home of the Super Bowl Champions, and the one of the biggest party cities in America, New Orleans!

loganconnect v2 Fred's Travel Pick for April

Every month, Fred Toucher gives his travel pick and give you tips on what you might enjoy when you visit.  And like Fred, you’ll always want to fly from Boston Logan International Airport – with more low fares, and more non-stop flights than any other airport in the area.

Make sure you choose Boston Logan International Airport, New England’s gateway to the World!  Boston Logan International Airport – It’s All Here!


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