red sox yankee Opening Day At Night? Is This What The Fans Want?Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Boston Red Sox, Sam Kennedy joined Felger and Massarotti to discuss the Red Sox and Yankees opening the season at night at Fenway. Is this what the Red Sox wanted?

Kennedy talked about the conditions of Fenway after the Winter Classic, what the fans want, and the Red Sox consecutive sell-out streak. Also, the Red Sox television ratings. Did the popularity of the Red Sox peak a few years ago?

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  1. TANK says:

    MLB hates Jesus. opening day on easter night. pitiful

  2. Jacob Tanur says:

    It would be easier for most fans to make it to opening day if its held at night considering it wouldn’t be work hours! I think its a great idea. I would consider readingMemoirs of Sam Kennedy, he is a brilliant man!

  3. Chuck says:

    Sam K. says the Red Sox will reach 90million fans for opening night. Ummm, being a holiday like Easter many people will be traveling and the new word on the street ESPN has now moved the game to ESPN 2, so they will be lucky to get 100,000 viewers. BAD MOVE, moving opening day. I hope it snows!

  4. Eduardo says:

    besides being on Easter nite and so late, u gotta remember that most people r gonna have 2 work the next morning. Everyone attending the gm will just have to hope that its not another 5 hour sox yanks classic.

  5. Dottie says:

    This disgusts me, It takes away from the whole opening day excitement! Skipping school or work, getting to the park early and the start of the new season end of winter!. Sunday night is awful. It will be cold from 8pm to 11 or midnight. Not fair to the ballplayers or the fans! I think this is all on mlb and the commissioner and I hope it falls in their face. I heard there are tickets avail. at face value. You could not pay me to go to that game. Why aren’t the Yankees opening at home seeing they won the world series! I will watch from my sofa!

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