ds Kentucky Battles Shaughnessy Dan Shaughnessy a racist?  Well, many Kentucky Wildcat fans now think so.  Matt Jones, a Kentucky lawyer/blogger who blasted Dan on his blog for outwardly rooting for Cornell,  joined Tanguay & Zolak to face off against the man in question.  Listen to the faceoff  and decide where you stand on the issue…

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  1. Walter says:

    Dusting off an old Dan Shaughnessy chestnut here.

    Kentucky has quality sports radio programming – Massachusetts has Tanguay and Zorak
    Edge: Kentucky

    Kentucky has the Kentucky Derby
    Massachusetts had the curse of the bambino.
    Edge: Even – While both of these events are tired and old – people in both Commonwealth’s have made millions off of each.

    1. Bill says:

      “Kentucky has quality sports radio programming” Are you for real Walter? There isn’t a single pro major league sports team there, it’s all college sports. Boston is a world class sports city. Get a clue Walter!

  2. WSJ says:

    Once again on the racism tip . .
    Red Sox: Pumpsie Green 1959
    Celtics: Chuck Cooper 1950
    BC Football: Lou Montgomery 1933 (Prohibited from playing in the Sugar Bowl)

    Kentucky Wildcat Basketball: Tom Payne 1969
    Kentucky Wildcat Football: Nat Northington 1967 (first in the SEC)

  3. goSox says:

    I’m not even from Kentucky but I was very upset by your use of banjo music and the southern stereotypes thrown around during this last few minutes…especially toward the callers after the initial interview. It was completely immature and uncalled for. At first, I disagreed with the racial accusations, but you certainly failed to make a strong case for yourselves or your city. You might want to think about letting your guests finish a sentence on occasion as well…just something to think about. And by the way, Lindsey from KY made a series of valid points that none of you acknowledged. As you did in the interview with Matt Jones, you ignored her statements and chose to attack her, the state of KY, and the South as a whole . Way to take the high road. I hope you feel really good about yourselves, you elitist pricks. :)

  4. BigMike says:

    I have no love for Kentucky, but this is stupid.
    Do you guys understand that you represent more than just yourselves when you make those stupid comments. I sure hope people in Kentucky, and around the world for that matter, do not think we are all a bunch of idiots because of these guys.
    Even with the racist comment…..Kentucky is showing more class than the radio personalities that represent us.

  5. James says:

    How are Jones’ insinuations about the treatment of Rondo (via unnamed, indirect sources) any different than your insinuations about Calipari (via unnamed, indirect sources)?

  6. Randal Lanham says:

    I don’t think calling Boston racist is fair, however anybody that gave us Michael Dukakis and John Kerry for President should not call anybody a goober!

    The problem I have with the article is that writer brought up Rubik’s cube and GPA without mentioning if he knew what Patrick Patterson has done with his education, what John Wall GPA is, or anything other than negative implications about some very fine young men. They donated their own time to raise over a million dollars for the people of Haiti, surely that says something positive about their character that supersedes.the mockery of journalism you defend.

  7. Fred says:

    Shaughnessy looks like Will Ferrell’s retarded brother. I’ve lived in Boston… they’re ALL racist. Yes I know that’s a fallacy, but Shaughnessy is a living, breathing, walking fallacy.

  8. Drew says:

    It’s funny that you accuse Matt and people from Ky as being overly sensitive when Shaughnessy and “Zorak” appear a bit defensive and sensitive themselves when faced with facts. The interesting thing is the original article from Shaughnessy was not very original or clever and it basically recycles old stereotypes for the benefit of promoting David vs Goliath.

  9. Wow, just wow. says:

    You guys are complete jerks. I hope we never meet or that anyone one in the BBN doesn’t recognize you. We mostly likely won’t because you guys are nobodies. But hope we don’t, it will hurt if we do.

  10. Lee says:

    Where is the link to the segment?

  11. William Kerry Skaggs says:

    If you don’t believe Boston is a racist city, talk to Bill Russell….

    1. shawn says:

      i am curious what race relations were like in kentucky back in the early 1960’s?? dont believe kentucky is racist? talk to legendary uk coach adolph rupp…

    2. Dan says:

      William, you are an idiot. You’re Bill Russell comment is completely irrelevant being that Russell was referring to the time that he played in Boston, which was 50 YEARS AGO. A predominantly liberal state that voted for Obama, and also voted in a black governor. Ya that sounds really racist doesn’t it?

  12. Justin says:

    Way to go, Matt! You really set George Washington Gordon (excuse me, I mean Dan Shaughnessy) straight. They are so green with envy. They hate Kentucky just because we’re Kentucky. I wonder what they will think when Kentucky wins tonight?

  13. Morgan Scott says:

    Thank you all so much in this comment section. I am from Kentucky i go to school in Tennessee now, listening to this on the computer and hearing the banjo music/talking country/calling him backwater really angered me. that in a sense is considered racism thank you guys for sticking up for us. Name calling and muckraking is not the way to make a point. Great interview Matt Jones way to stick up for yourself

  14. CeltsFan857 says:

    As a fellow Bostonian, I was highly embarrassed of the actions taken by this broadcasting team. Shock jock radio where baseless insults are slung and invited guests are yelled over and berated has no place on the airwaves. I just hope all of our Southern neighbors do not take the actions and words of these jackholes as a representation of the whole Boston area. I think its about time to find a better place for my sports news.

    1. Wallacest10 says:

      These guys are a terrible representation of a great sports city. How are these guys on the air. Very original with the banjo’s and stereotypical comments. These guys are a joke and a major part of what is wrong with the sports media.

  15. UK1Team says:

    This show is a disgrace to decent sports radio everywhere. Your ability to mock Mr. Jones for his opinions yet call the people of Kentucky “hillbilly pricks” baffles me. I hope that this radio station realizes what this show is doing to its credibility. I would shut this show down so fast it would make your head spin. But then again I am used to “real” journalism and not the drivel that is Boston Media. What a joke!

    1. shawn says:

      yeah, i can only imagine the superior quality of this “real” kentucky journalism….

  16. Justin says:

    Jones tries to make his point and the announcers did nothing but talk over him. Seems like Jones came with facts Shaughnessy and the announcers used assumptions and stereotyping.

  17. Jordan says:

    You guys are like those crazy FM dj’s that always get a bad reputation, and as you should. You didn’t let Matt talk, and addressed none of the points brought up. You even acknowledged that there’s a perception of Boston being racist by asking Kevin Garnett “is this town racist?”. I don’t think that’s a question asked to every play in every sports town. Thank you for living up to the loud mouth annoying stereotype that accompanies people from Boston.

    1. Todd says:

      Matt Jones is a freaking blow hard that pouts when things don’t go his way. You brought up Calipari and his cheating ways and he had nothing to say. It’s ironic since he defended him to the end on the radio in Nashville a little over a week ago. What’s funny is that you go into the archives on Matt’s site where he wrote about Calipari being a cheat just aout two years ago and that he hated the way he ran his programs because they were so shady. Ask Matt how he feels about Calipari now since he coach’s his team. Jones and Calipari are both spineless scum.

      1. shawn says:

        todd….best comment on this thread, and go ahead hicks give us all 1 star…

      2. John says:

        Matt use to be like everyone else in the country and thought Calipari was a cheater. When Calipari was hired at UK though he did some research and found out that he is not a cheater. Do the research and you will find the same thing. He has zero NCAA violations. When UMASS’s final four was vacated the NCAA said “I feel sorry for John Calipari for being associated with this because it is in no way his fault” and with Memphis the NCAA screwed them because they cleared Rose to play and it was 100% there fault not Calipari’s

  18. Rich says:

    Eff Matt Jones. and anyone who says Dan Shaugnessy is a racist or Boston is a racist town! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6jUpHClybQ

    Cornell is the definition of “student-athlete”!! Go Cornell…kick some Calipari and UK ass!!

  19. Austin says:

    Why is Matt talking to the cast of the Jersey Shore?

  20. Rich says:

    Even though he did nothing to break any Bostonian stereotypes, Dan is my man and doesn’t need to defend himself against nobody nohow. Eff Kentucky? I wish Dan would Eff me

  21. shawn says:

    personally, to the best of my knowledge, shaughnessy’s columns annoy most people around here long before this nitwit matt jones came along. but i think what many of us in boston resent (especially those of us in the younger generations) is this racist stereotype that seems to always get thrown at our city everytime someone from another part of the country tries to pick a bone with boston…all i can say is i bet the neighborhood i grew up in is far more racially diverse than anywhere in kentucky…gotta love being forever labeled “racists” by white hicks that think they are somehow a model of racial unity because they root for the black guys on their favorite basketball team…

    1. Cory says:

      I’m currently a Junior at MIT, so I have lived in the Boston area for 3 years now. That said, I was born and raised in Richmond, KY which is about 20 miles from UK’s campus. Having lived in both of the areas that are being discussed, I can say that you are absolutely clueless in saying that Boston is “far more racially diverse than anywhere in Kentucky.” To that I ask, have you ever been to Southie? I would bet my neighborhood that my high school was 50% more racially diverse than any high school in Southie. Oh, and way to show your ignorance in labeling Kentuckians “hicks”…you try to prove a point and end up name calling…way to take the high road, buddy.

    2. Rob says:

      So you say that you resent the racist stereotype given to Boston but then you call people from Kentucky “white hicks”? This, my friend, just makes you look stupid.

    3. Jeremy says:

      Im sure Boston is diverse, most urban areas are. Now im not going to make any assumptions on Boston being Racist since i have never been there. So if the facts are not known, then you shouldt open your mouth. the high school i went to in KY was 43% black, 43% white, 11% mexican, and 3% asian. another school in my town was 25% mexican, 22% black, 8% asian, and 45% white. Thats the facts so if you dont know them, dont make such assumptions just like i dont asume Boston is racist, thats just the stereotype. Just like people think were all hicks which is not at all true

  22. EDM says:

    Aside from the bit about Rondo–at which time you had some semblance of a point–you guys made a mockery of journalism, talk radio, character, sports intelligence and general intelligence. You are so in love with yourselves you’ve stopped thinking or caring about whether others even want to tolerate you. This works for shock jocks. For “sports journalists” such as yourselves…mmmm…notsomuch. I’m just wondering if you’re the least bit embarrassed at how you represented yourselves and your fans.

  23. Jacob says:

    Matt Jones brought out a great point that 80% of Kentucky Seniors graduate that don’t go to the NBA. They completely ignored the topic. It all comes down to one simple point:

    If the Cornell guys had been good enough to be signed by a Kentucky or a Kansas, they would have a good chance at going to the NBA before graduating and would have most certainly done it. However, since they were not talented enough to do so, they are commended for graduating and staying in school. Do you see the problem here with Shaughnessy’s argument?

    The graduation rates have NOTHING to do with the student-athlete’s intelligence at Cornell, but rather their lack of skill coming out of high school when compared to that of a John Wall, who would definitely graduate if he was staying for 4 years.

    If Cornell was recruiting the same talent as Kentucky, they’re graduation rates for student-athletes would be right there with us.

  24. Sully says:

    You guys got OWNED by a hick from Kentucky!!!…priceless.

    1. Nick says:

      this city is out of touch with big time college athletics. the graduation rate discussion became irrelevant 15 years ago. shaughnessy shouldn’t have dipped his toes in this.

  25. Roderick says:

    As a young black male living in Somerville, I can attest that these gingers around here are completely racist. Haha. How funny is it that someone from the SOUTH calls them out on it. I hope all you racists don’t live in glass houses.

    1. shawn says:

      whats a “ginger” roderick? please, fill us in…

    2. ron sweet says:

      gingers hahaha thats great i love that

  26. Tom says:

    What happened to sports talk guys who actually did some researched before hitting the air and embarrassing themselves on national radio? Mark Coury was 11th in minutes at his peak of playing time on a team that was coached by an erratic coach in Clyde Gillispie the only reason Coury started was because Clyde believed in rewarding hard practice work.

  27. BigMike says:

    I am sure there will not be any type of apology sent out by CBS or from Shaughnessy, Tanguay or Zolak, so as someone who used to listen to these goofballs….someone who respects the opinion of others…..let me be the first to offer up at an apology from those here that do not feel the same as these guys do. Keep in mind that we are not all as ignorant as these 3. I actually think you guys (Kentucky) have the most dedicated fan base in all of college BB. It is even crazier that some Professional team followers. Keep in mind “crazy” can mean good and bad. All teams have good/bad fans, so keep that in mind as you rightfully bash these guys. Stay cool and classy Boston. Don’t give everyone reasons to hate us.

  28. cory says:

    great comment shawn, right on point and i couldn’t have said it better myself.

  29. Jah_Volunteer says:

    Ok… let’s see here.

    Boston: Create a straw man argument, speak loudly/talk over your guest, manipulate statistics, make ad hominem statements, call your guest names, wildly speculate, make a threat with your “yeah come on up to Boston we’ll show you a good time”, and ridicule southern culture.

    Kentucky: Stick to the facts, unnecessarily comment on Boston’s past racist perception, and at times unnecessarily emotional.

    You lost the debate. But he’s a lawyer, what did you expect?

  30. CBC says:

    Tanguay & Zolak lost that debate. Every time they realized they were losing the debate, they went off subject.

    Edge: Jones

  31. David says:

    You did a very poor job of remotely defending the notion that Shaughnessy is racist and elitist. As a matter of fact the sports jocks ignored Jones questions and points and resorted to yelling over him. Dont think Jones looked bad in this guys, he was a genius compared to the radio guys.

  32. UK Grad says:

    My daughter is a hillbilly UK graduate with honors in chemistry, serving two years with Teach for America in a predominantly minority disadvantaged Northeastern state school system. Be careful with the Southern generalizations and stereotyping. For the record, she would easily have qualified for Cornell.

  33. FromUK says:

    This just goes to show how low people from Boston are. My cousin worked with a crew that had some people from Boston come down and help. He said they were extremely disrespectful, hateful, loud, and racist…calling people in the crew that were black a N. So if you people from Boston dont like being labeled as a racist due to a few, then get used to it because as long as you stereotype Kentucky…it’s goin to happen. Michael Jackson was accused of being a child molester twice…was he convicted? No. Was he a child molester? According to law…no. Calipari accused of cheating? Yes. Is he a cheater? According to NCAA…no. Calipari had absolutely nothing to do with Camby taking money while he was home in Conn and according to the NCAA, he had nothing to do with Derek Rose. People think he gets the best players because he cheats, but it’s because he doesnt scream and yell at them like coaches from the past. He treats them with respect and has close relationships with them. And for people that say UKs banners will fall…then you dont know Sandy Bell and she will not let anything jeopardize UK. So continue to hate as teams from the Massachusetts area will always be irrelevant. And if people from Kentucky are so stupid, then why is Lexington amongst the 10 smartest cities for people with degrees and earnings? Shallow minds will get you know where.

    1. Todd says:

      FROMUK, first of all you’re an idiot if you think Calipari gets the best players because he doesn’t yell at them.

      I will give you two words behind Calipari’s recruiting success:

      1. FromUK says:

        If you notice I said “he doesnt yell at them like coaches from the past” aka Bobby Knight. So you Todd, are the idiot. Read a little more carefully next time before you throw some stupid comment out there. He may yell, but he doesnt degrade his players and treat like them dirt.

      2. Todd says:


        Was this not your quote?

        “People think he gets the best players because he cheats, but it’s because he doesnt scream and yell at them like coaches from the past.” Don’t post stupid comments like this if you can’t handle getting called out on them.

        I would bet anything that you just like Matt Jones and 99% of the UK fanbase used to bad mouth Calipari and his recruiting while he was at Memphis. The other 1% are the smart ones that know that UK sold itself to the devil when they hired Calipari. Why was Calipari not even on the radar when Tubby was fired? It was pretty well known that Barhart wouldn’t even consider Calipari then because of his shady ways. It’s funny how opinions change when his and UK President Lee Todd’s jobs are on the line and they must win now to calm the rabid fanbase.

        I hope UK does get to the Final Four because it won’t be long until #3 is vacated under Calipari. The New York Times is currently gather information right now on some shady things that happened just this year at UK under Calipari. There is some pretty good info out there now that John Wall didn’t even take the summer school classes himself to get qualified. There is also a rumor from Lexington that Wall has been signed to an agent since last September.

        It all comes down to UK made their bed and someday soon they will have to sleep in it.

    2. Juan says:

      I’m a Kentucky fan. Live in Orlando, currently but have live all over. Kentucky is a lot more diverse than the nation gives it credit for, and a lot less racist. That being said, there is that crap that goes on everywhere.
      I’m sure this is going to piss the locals off, but this is very true in my experience, the New England states are the absolute worst of any that I have encountered. But it just doesn’t stop with white or black, it is segmented still as to which heritage your family comes from.
      I’m sure there are a large percentage of New Englanders that are not, but without doubt, the one’s I have come in contact with will acknowledge both sides and admit to.

    3. Southie says:

      HAHAHAHA you have a basketball court named after one of the biggest bigots in sports and you have the nerve to preach on this forum???? GO WATCH NASCAR

      1. John says:

        Rupp was not a racist. That is one of the biggest lies in sports. Rupp was the first coach in the SEC to recruit black players

    4. notaUKhater says:

      You write shallow minds will get you “know” where right after you claim people from Lexington are smart. You are clearly not from Lexington.
      Also, writing that your cousin knew people from Boston and they were racist does not help your argument.

  34. cgerv says:

    bill rhoden of the nytimes wrote the same column, is he racist?

  35. EDM says:

    FromUK got a bit off track, but speaks the truth…

    “…in 2008, Business Facilities ranked Lexington as the 2nd most educated city in the U.S. just behind Seattle, WA. The ranking looks at the percentage of our workforce who have graduated high school or earned a bachelor¹s or more advanced degree. Also, the 2007 American Communities Survey (U.S. Census Bureau) ranked Lexington #11 among cities with a population over 250,000 with the highest percentage of residents over age 25 with a bachelors degree or higher. ”

    Full article: http://www.relocateamerica.com/kentucky/cities/lexington

    1. FromUK says:

      An article that came out the internet a few years ago had them at 10, Seattle at 1. I guess my info was probably 06, 07. But you see what I’m talkin about anyway.

  36. Josh says:

    The hosts just proved how ignorant and insensitive they are when they made all the hillbilly jokes. It just shows that the only group now where wide scale derision is accepted is with those from Appalachia.

    Notice how outraged they were with the unfounded “Boston is racist” accusation, and then they can’t see how prejudiced their own assumptions are about Kentucky and the South. What a bunch of inane morons.

  37. Jordan says:

    So this is what people from Boston are really like, and to think that I’m a Redsox fan, this is embarrassing to all Boston sports teams. Way to go guys!

  38. JFSGOPATS says:

    That guy owned Shaughnessy. You guys made terrible arguments. I’m embarrassed.

  39. Brian says:

    I’m neither from Massachusetts nor Kentucky, but I can say these Boston dudes sounded like mindless clowns. Damn, they couldn’t even COMPREHEND the completely valid argument about graduation statistics being very misleading. Throughout, they either failed to understand the issue at hand, talked over or cut off their guest, changed the subject, or stuttered themselves into one of the aforementioned. As Napoleon Dynamite once said: IDIOTS!

  40. Dave says:

    Isn’t it time for radio stations to put open-minded hosts on the air? Maybe people who can think logically? Maybe someone who is wise enough to know that they are sometimes wrong, and are able to handle it with grace? Does everyone in this country think that the loudest person must be winning the debate?

    I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Boston and some southern states including Kentucky and Alabama. The truth of the matter is that the southern states are the most tolerant and accepting of differences. The stereotyping by Dan on this broadcast just helps to solidify my opinion.

    Shaughnessy made himself look like a fool during this broadcast, and he and his boss know it.

  41. TANK says:

    Adolf Rupp are you freaking kidding me? you talk to a kentucky guy about racism and you don’t throw out Adolf Rupp.

    stupid Tanguay.

    1. Rob says:

      The difference is that Boston is accused of being racist today. Rupp coached 50 years ago when racism was everywhere. Therefore, bringing up Rupp would have made for a poor argument.

      1. Chris says:

        Actually the defense of calling Boston a racist city was to cite things that happened over 25 years ago, so I don’t think the Rupp reference is that much worse.

    2. FromUK says:

      Adolph Rupp was the first coach in the SEC to sign a black player. And its fact Rupp was NOT a racist. He knew traveling in the deep south he’s player 1) wouldnt be allowed to go into the same hotels and restaurants and 2) their lives would probably be in danger. Mississippi is apparently still that way when they called and texted Cousins calling him a N when pretty much their whole basketball team is black.

  42. Brien says:

    Boston will have the last laugh in 5 years when calipari leaves Kentucky and we find out that he cheated AGAIN

    … and Kentucky has quality radio programming? do you guys even have electricity yet? or are those battery radios?

    1. Karen Sypher's Miniskirt says:

      I really didn’t think Dan’s article was that offensive. Then I heard you people talk. You are prime examples of why people in the South have such disdain for “Yankees.” Yes, Sox fans, I called you Yankees.
      You wouldn’t listen to Matt, so I’ll tell you. UK has had three coaches in four years. This will lead to transfers and low graduation rates. Does that have bearing on the academic merits of the institution? I think not.
      Remind me to take my ipod if I ever visit Boston. I don’t want to turn on the radio.

      1. Southie says:

        here’s an idea – don’t come to Boston.

    2. Rob says:

      It’s amazing how you all are so clueless. If your only rebuttal involves name-calling or stereotypes then you’re better off just not posting at all.

      1. John says:

        you guys invited him on the show.

  43. CincyCatFan says:

    Guess what? The people that talk the loudest don’t necessarily win. You had him on your show and barely let him finish a sentence. 10 times out of 10, I would have rooted Ivy League (although never against KY), but never again. You act like every Ivy Leaguer is superior to every student at every other college. Every student has their story and frankly you don’t know any of them. You are really insulting just about everybody. But by looking at your comments, it looks like you aren’t exactly well liked in your own neighborhood.

  44. Ryan says:

    Matt Jones you suck! Duke is not an elite basketball program..watch ncaa hoop and you would know that.

  45. JKENTUCKY says:

    Matt Jones has more class in his pinky toe than those 2 tools combined.

  46. JKENTUCKY says:

    for real…Shaughnessy, shut up!!

  47. JoAnne says:

    Matt Jones is as phony as they come. If he and the other three “sports experts” really knew anything about Ky/Celtics basketball, they would have known that Rajon Rondo DOES NOT PRONOUNCE HIS NAME AS RAJON BUT AS RIJON (long i). All four of you made fools of yourselves, especially Jones, for not knowing that. I was a KY fan for 61 years until they hired Coach Cal (The Squid as a lot of us call him back in KY) He wasn’t even on UK’s radar screen when UK hired Gillispie because of his “lack of integrity”. It’s just a matter of time before The Squid and WWW land UK in the Valley of Death. As a lifelong Kentuckian, I can tell you for a fact that racism still exists in KY — the Lexington area not so much.

  48. Luke says:

    There’s more white trash in Boston than in the entire state of Kentucky (which I admit, is actually saying a lot).

  49. JR says:

    You all mentioned the 10% graduation rate. A lot of those kids at Ky go to the NBA. No one ever mentioned the # of kids that come back and get their diplomas after the fact (which are several). Gary Williams mentioned this very fact when they questioned him about this. As far as I know all the kids that stay 4 years do actually graduate. Patrick Patterson is going to get his diploma after 3 years. It’s very unfair to stereotype these Ky kids. That college is not easy to get a diploma from…even for an athlete.

  50. Southie says:

    Matt Jones is a hillbilly redneck fool and whoever would waste a half a second on what these Confederate waving people think are crazy.

    1. John says:

      Matt Jones went to Duke Law School. You no nothing about him

    2. John says:

      Matt went to Duke Law School you know nothing about him. He is a very intelligent guy. Does anybody in Boston think before they speak?

  51. Chris says:

    Judging from the comments section this is a big deal in Kentucky. All the sycophants are out to defend their University. Lets deal in facts, Calipari has a tainted record, and Kentucky ignored his past to win more games. Jones got angry at Shaughnessy for using outdated arguments, but he brought up the outdated “most racist city” argument because Boston athletes in the 70s and 80s could attest to it. Then he makes some claims about Rondo that he can’t back up. But it’s somehow unfair to bring up the racism in Kentucky’s past or make jokes about either Calpiari or UK cheating in the past? Everyone seems to be taking shots for why the other side is wrong, it seems to me that everyone involved is wrong.

  52. Jamie says:

    Wow, 3 on 1 and Matt schooled these guys. Every time he would win a debate all three would drown him out with shouting and childish insults. Good job keeping these guys from obfuscating the main point Matt.

  53. Drew Franklin says:

    First off, Matt Jones is a tool. There is nothing radio about Kentucky Sports Radio — he has been on like 5-6 failed TV/radio projects and is reduced to recording podcasts for radio content.

    It is funny to hear Matt Jones defend Calipari so viciously … about a year ago, Jones was trashing Calipari regularly on his site and is the biggest band wagonner fan in the Bluegrass. Check out this:


  54. Walk says:

    I honestly don’t think Shaugnessy could understand anything more complex than the concept of potty training. Is it really that hard to grasp that is doesn’t make sense to count players who transfer or go to the NBA in a schools graduation rate? I mean seriously, what good is a degree when you play in the NBA? Those guys make more money than that POS everytime they tie their shoes. I like Boston because I like history, but I honestly think about never coming back because there is a slight chance I might have to listen to or read this idiot’s column. I am seriously almost convinced that it’s the guys like Shaughnessy who make the Boston sports scene so controversial, not the fans and treatment of athletes.

  55. Dave says:

    Hey I love your station but please please please lose Shaughnessy! His tired old act is well past it’s time.

  56. soxfanindan says:

    Not a Shaughnessy fan but I seriously doubt he is a racist.

  57. Go Cawds!!! says:

    How does Matt Jones expect to be treated when he referred to their town as the “most racist sports town.” I have absolutely NO sympathy for him!!! I’m from Louisville, Ky and unfortunately I am familiar with race problems that have occurred in Lexington, most recently with the past election. Re the content of this show..It’s a sports radio…DUH!! Jones has said lots of hurtful comments about others on his blog, such as Rick Pitino and his family. But there are those who find that content funny and he will likely continue on with those remarks. Just like his jokes re how backward Miss and Ala are (I guess a line is drawn at Ky). You could look at this radio show the same way….some of the commentary and jokes are stinging and maybe unfair, but that is what turns some people on. I don’t know why Jones has such a thin-skin? Apparently he can dish it, but he can’t take it!!!

  58. Kenny says:

    Tanguay is the WORST!! Can we please get rid of this guy already. Tanguay, go pout when another program rags on you, wimp.

    And Shaughnessy could at least get his facts straight (shocker), Kentucky’s graduation rate is 31%, not the worst. I’ll bet my life saving he hasn’t watched on college game all year.

  59. Chip G says:

    I live in Ky near Lexington. first to get this out of the way, UK fans calling someone else racist is COMICAL. The crap spewed out of some UK fans mouth about Tubby was borderline White Supremacist.
    Now, how in God’s name does matt Jones, a complete shill and moron (the douche called Cal a cheater at Memphis) infer there is anything racist about this article. Matty is creating straw man arguments.

  60. Lyn says:

    Hmm. Grew up in NH and raised a rabid Boston Sports Fan. I have lived in KY for 25 years and made sure my children were rabid Boston fans, which was easy since the Celtics were pretty much (except for Prince who went to Detroit) Kentucky North. This was shock-jock radio at its worst. CHB asked Jones on (btw not familiar with him, my sports radio guy is a Rhode Island native with the local ESPN affiliate) and then did not debate, but spewed. Ugh. Come on. I want to be proud that I’m from New England. Race is not the real topic here. So why ask Jones on? To lash back with Southern stereotyping. Well, that’s sports. And a personal vendetta by Shaugnessy against KY that might date back to a Pitino snub somewhere down the line. Or a Calipaari snub from his UMass tenure. Who knows. Sound and Fury.

  61. John says:

    You Boston guys are the rudest people I have ever seen. You said cornell would never commit a violation. matt says harvard committed a violation and you say that a stupid argument. You guys are a bunch of idiots

  62. John says:

    I can’t believe how rude you guys are. Matt is making valid points and you won’t even let him speak. Shaughnessy talking about the graduation rates is ridiculous. Matt brings up a more accurate stat and he just throws it out the window

  63. patrick shaughnessy says:

    it is ,what it is,bottom line whites as a race,are much more practical, and just better natured people then the rest of you ,who ever you are your the racist your jealous losers that want something for nothing,,Mexicans n blacks are cancer on society.always have been always will be.

  64. coho3121 says:

    Dan – You got smoked in this interview.

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