Kentucky Battles Shaughnessy

ds Kentucky Battles Shaughnessy Dan Shaughnessy a racist?  Well, many Kentucky Wildcat fans now think so.  Matt Jones, a Kentucky lawyer/blogger who blasted Dan on his blog for outwardly rooting for Cornell,  joined Tanguay & Zolak to face off against the man in question.  Listen to the faceoff  and decide where you stand on the issue…

  • Walter

    Dusting off an old Dan Shaughnessy chestnut here.

    Kentucky has quality sports radio programming – Massachusetts has Tanguay and Zorak
    Edge: Kentucky

    Kentucky has the Kentucky Derby
    Massachusetts had the curse of the bambino.
    Edge: Even – While both of these events are tired and old – people in both Commonwealth’s have made millions off of each.

    • Bill

      “Kentucky has quality sports radio programming” Are you for real Walter? There isn’t a single pro major league sports team there, it’s all college sports. Boston is a world class sports city. Get a clue Walter!

  • WSJ

    Once again on the racism tip . .
    Red Sox: Pumpsie Green 1959
    Celtics: Chuck Cooper 1950
    BC Football: Lou Montgomery 1933 (Prohibited from playing in the Sugar Bowl)

    Kentucky Wildcat Basketball: Tom Payne 1969
    Kentucky Wildcat Football: Nat Northington 1967 (first in the SEC)

  • goSox

    I’m not even from Kentucky but I was very upset by your use of banjo music and the southern stereotypes thrown around during this last few minutes…especially toward the callers after the initial interview. It was completely immature and uncalled for. At first, I disagreed with the racial accusations, but you certainly failed to make a strong case for yourselves or your city. You might want to think about letting your guests finish a sentence on occasion as well…just something to think about. And by the way, Lindsey from KY made a series of valid points that none of you acknowledged. As you did in the interview with Matt Jones, you ignored her statements and chose to attack her, the state of KY, and the South as a whole . Way to take the high road. I hope you feel really good about yourselves, you elitist pricks. :)

  • BigMike

    I have no love for Kentucky, but this is stupid.
    Do you guys understand that you represent more than just yourselves when you make those stupid comments. I sure hope people in Kentucky, and around the world for that matter, do not think we are all a bunch of idiots because of these guys.
    Even with the racist comment…..Kentucky is showing more class than the radio personalities that represent us.

  • James

    How are Jones’ insinuations about the treatment of Rondo (via unnamed, indirect sources) any different than your insinuations about Calipari (via unnamed, indirect sources)?

  • Randal Lanham

    I don’t think calling Boston racist is fair, however anybody that gave us Michael Dukakis and John Kerry for President should not call anybody a goober!

    The problem I have with the article is that writer brought up Rubik’s cube and GPA without mentioning if he knew what Patrick Patterson has done with his education, what John Wall GPA is, or anything other than negative implications about some very fine young men. They donated their own time to raise over a million dollars for the people of Haiti, surely that says something positive about their character that supersedes.the mockery of journalism you defend.

  • Fred

    Shaughnessy looks like Will Ferrell’s retarded brother. I’ve lived in Boston… they’re ALL racist. Yes I know that’s a fallacy, but Shaughnessy is a living, breathing, walking fallacy.

  • Drew

    It’s funny that you accuse Matt and people from Ky as being overly sensitive when Shaughnessy and “Zorak” appear a bit defensive and sensitive themselves when faced with facts. The interesting thing is the original article from Shaughnessy was not very original or clever and it basically recycles old stereotypes for the benefit of promoting David vs Goliath.

  • Wow, just wow.

    You guys are complete jerks. I hope we never meet or that anyone one in the BBN doesn’t recognize you. We mostly likely won’t because you guys are nobodies. But hope we don’t, it will hurt if we do.

  • Lee

    Where is the link to the segment?

  • William Kerry Skaggs

    If you don’t believe Boston is a racist city, talk to Bill Russell….

    • shawn

      i am curious what race relations were like in kentucky back in the early 1960’s?? dont believe kentucky is racist? talk to legendary uk coach adolph rupp…

    • Dan

      William, you are an idiot. You’re Bill Russell comment is completely irrelevant being that Russell was referring to the time that he played in Boston, which was 50 YEARS AGO. A predominantly liberal state that voted for Obama, and also voted in a black governor. Ya that sounds really racist doesn’t it?

  • Justin

    Way to go, Matt! You really set George Washington Gordon (excuse me, I mean Dan Shaughnessy) straight. They are so green with envy. They hate Kentucky just because we’re Kentucky. I wonder what they will think when Kentucky wins tonight?

  • Morgan Scott

    Thank you all so much in this comment section. I am from Kentucky i go to school in Tennessee now, listening to this on the computer and hearing the banjo music/talking country/calling him backwater really angered me. that in a sense is considered racism thank you guys for sticking up for us. Name calling and muckraking is not the way to make a point. Great interview Matt Jones way to stick up for yourself

  • CeltsFan857

    As a fellow Bostonian, I was highly embarrassed of the actions taken by this broadcasting team. Shock jock radio where baseless insults are slung and invited guests are yelled over and berated has no place on the airwaves. I just hope all of our Southern neighbors do not take the actions and words of these jackholes as a representation of the whole Boston area. I think its about time to find a better place for my sports news.

    • Wallacest10

      These guys are a terrible representation of a great sports city. How are these guys on the air. Very original with the banjo’s and stereotypical comments. These guys are a joke and a major part of what is wrong with the sports media.

  • UK1Team

    This show is a disgrace to decent sports radio everywhere. Your ability to mock Mr. Jones for his opinions yet call the people of Kentucky “hillbilly pricks” baffles me. I hope that this radio station realizes what this show is doing to its credibility. I would shut this show down so fast it would make your head spin. But then again I am used to “real” journalism and not the drivel that is Boston Media. What a joke!

    • shawn

      yeah, i can only imagine the superior quality of this “real” kentucky journalism….

  • Justin

    Jones tries to make his point and the announcers did nothing but talk over him. Seems like Jones came with facts Shaughnessy and the announcers used assumptions and stereotyping.

  • Jordan

    You guys are like those crazy FM dj’s that always get a bad reputation, and as you should. You didn’t let Matt talk, and addressed none of the points brought up. You even acknowledged that there’s a perception of Boston being racist by asking Kevin Garnett “is this town racist?”. I don’t think that’s a question asked to every play in every sports town. Thank you for living up to the loud mouth annoying stereotype that accompanies people from Boston.

    • Todd

      Matt Jones is a freaking blow hard that pouts when things don’t go his way. You brought up Calipari and his cheating ways and he had nothing to say. It’s ironic since he defended him to the end on the radio in Nashville a little over a week ago. What’s funny is that you go into the archives on Matt’s site where he wrote about Calipari being a cheat just aout two years ago and that he hated the way he ran his programs because they were so shady. Ask Matt how he feels about Calipari now since he coach’s his team. Jones and Calipari are both spineless scum.

      • shawn

        todd….best comment on this thread, and go ahead hicks give us all 1 star…

      • John

        Matt use to be like everyone else in the country and thought Calipari was a cheater. When Calipari was hired at UK though he did some research and found out that he is not a cheater. Do the research and you will find the same thing. He has zero NCAA violations. When UMASS’s final four was vacated the NCAA said “I feel sorry for John Calipari for being associated with this because it is in no way his fault” and with Memphis the NCAA screwed them because they cleared Rose to play and it was 100% there fault not Calipari’s

  • Rich

    Eff Matt Jones. and anyone who says Dan Shaugnessy is a racist or Boston is a racist town!

    Cornell is the definition of “student-athlete”!! Go Cornell…kick some Calipari and UK ass!!

  • Austin

    Why is Matt talking to the cast of the Jersey Shore?

  • Rich

    Even though he did nothing to break any Bostonian stereotypes, Dan is my man and doesn’t need to defend himself against nobody nohow. Eff Kentucky? I wish Dan would Eff me

  • shawn

    personally, to the best of my knowledge, shaughnessy’s columns annoy most people around here long before this nitwit matt jones came along. but i think what many of us in boston resent (especially those of us in the younger generations) is this racist stereotype that seems to always get thrown at our city everytime someone from another part of the country tries to pick a bone with boston…all i can say is i bet the neighborhood i grew up in is far more racially diverse than anywhere in kentucky…gotta love being forever labeled “racists” by white hicks that think they are somehow a model of racial unity because they root for the black guys on their favorite basketball team…

    • Cory

      I’m currently a Junior at MIT, so I have lived in the Boston area for 3 years now. That said, I was born and raised in Richmond, KY which is about 20 miles from UK’s campus. Having lived in both of the areas that are being discussed, I can say that you are absolutely clueless in saying that Boston is “far more racially diverse than anywhere in Kentucky.” To that I ask, have you ever been to Southie? I would bet my neighborhood that my high school was 50% more racially diverse than any high school in Southie. Oh, and way to show your ignorance in labeling Kentuckians “hicks”…you try to prove a point and end up name calling…way to take the high road, buddy.

    • Rob

      So you say that you resent the racist stereotype given to Boston but then you call people from Kentucky “white hicks”? This, my friend, just makes you look stupid.

    • Jeremy

      Im sure Boston is diverse, most urban areas are. Now im not going to make any assumptions on Boston being Racist since i have never been there. So if the facts are not known, then you shouldt open your mouth. the high school i went to in KY was 43% black, 43% white, 11% mexican, and 3% asian. another school in my town was 25% mexican, 22% black, 8% asian, and 45% white. Thats the facts so if you dont know them, dont make such assumptions just like i dont asume Boston is racist, thats just the stereotype. Just like people think were all hicks which is not at all true

  • EDM

    Aside from the bit about Rondo–at which time you had some semblance of a point–you guys made a mockery of journalism, talk radio, character, sports intelligence and general intelligence. You are so in love with yourselves you’ve stopped thinking or caring about whether others even want to tolerate you. This works for shock jocks. For “sports journalists” such as yourselves…mmmm…notsomuch. I’m just wondering if you’re the least bit embarrassed at how you represented yourselves and your fans.

  • Jacob

    Matt Jones brought out a great point that 80% of Kentucky Seniors graduate that don’t go to the NBA. They completely ignored the topic. It all comes down to one simple point:

    If the Cornell guys had been good enough to be signed by a Kentucky or a Kansas, they would have a good chance at going to the NBA before graduating and would have most certainly done it. However, since they were not talented enough to do so, they are commended for graduating and staying in school. Do you see the problem here with Shaughnessy’s argument?

    The graduation rates have NOTHING to do with the student-athlete’s intelligence at Cornell, but rather their lack of skill coming out of high school when compared to that of a John Wall, who would definitely graduate if he was staying for 4 years.

    If Cornell was recruiting the same talent as Kentucky, they’re graduation rates for student-athletes would be right there with us.

  • Sully

    You guys got OWNED by a hick from Kentucky!!!…priceless.

    • Nick

      this city is out of touch with big time college athletics. the graduation rate discussion became irrelevant 15 years ago. shaughnessy shouldn’t have dipped his toes in this.

  • Roderick

    As a young black male living in Somerville, I can attest that these gingers around here are completely racist. Haha. How funny is it that someone from the SOUTH calls them out on it. I hope all you racists don’t live in glass houses.

    • shawn

      whats a “ginger” roderick? please, fill us in…

    • ron sweet

      gingers hahaha thats great i love that

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