nomar1 Tanguay, Gresh & Nomar in a Movie?Tanguay & Gresh’s interview with Nomar Garciaparra Wednesday caused quite a stir. So much so that a movie is already in the works. Here’s the trailer…

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  1. Kyle says:

    I thought this interview was great. You asked the tough questions that nobody else in this town would ask. Love the station, it’s such a great change from what I used to listen to.

  2. Mark says:

    Andy Gresh says Garciaparra is a “complete a-hole”. I’m not sure how he knows that, because I’m pretty sure he’s never been within three feet of Garciaparra. Complete? Yeah, we’re all “a-holes” sometimes and so is Garciaparra. But complete? If anyone is a complete a-hole, I’d say Gresh is. As for his “balls”, well, that’s fraudulent. What the hell does he have to lose? He’s a sports talk radio pariah, a buffoon without a show, whoring himself out to whoever needs a slot filled. He’s a know-nothing blowhard who enjoys the sound of his own idiotic BS. Find me someone who has ever tuned him in on purpose.
    His mother, maybe. You guys should cut your losses and leave him at the side of the road. Don’t push me back to the other side of the dial — I don’t wanna go back.

  3. Scott says:

    Gresh is absolutely awful. I am a 27 year old massive Boston sports fan. The day 98.5 started I started to listen. I have since turned my radio to a new station 4 times while listening to 98.5. All four times were because of Gresh. The four times were Wed, Thu, Fri when he was filling in for T&R and he wouldn’t stop talking about the upcoming press conference with Tiger. We get it, it was a big deal, I didn’t need three days of hype about what he might say. The second was with this Nomar crap. Completely out of line and I will not listen to him any more. There is asking tough questions and then there is what Gresh pulled. “Andy Gresh, losing the Sport’s Hub fan base one person at a time.”

  4. ben says:

    Andy Gresh is the reason I am back to the AM dial on weekends and whenever he fills in on weekdays, his tough guy
    act really shows him to be more of a coward that tough and he brings nothing to the Sports hub.

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