D.A. Live Chat NOW


Yep, I’m hosting a live chat. Today at 3p you need to be in front of your desks at work wasting time or at home with a glass of Tang by your side.

I’m answering whatever questions you may have about the Pats offseason, the Sox lineup, the Celtics collapse last night or the Bruins gutless response in Pittsburgh.

Oh, and how it is to work with Chuck Perks and his pauses every night, the new Facebook, the passing of Corey Haim, or the time I wore a top hat and tux to a cable access show.

So, log back here at 3p today. I’ll be sitting beside Felger and Mazz in the studio. Please don’t make me just G-chat  with Bertrand.

  • Ernie

    DA, Name your final 4?

  • Pete in Bellingham

    Its my opinion the Pats were only cap “guru’s” when the cap was $80 million-ish. There were significant June 1 cuts and the Pats were able to sign those guys because they managed the cap well. Ever since the cap went over $100 mill, the Pats are no better than average. And since there are no more June 1 cuts, the Pats are not able to simply replace any player with a guy with actual talent. Value guys back then had value. Value guys now are bums. Your thoughts?

  • Frank McWalters

    With the pitching rotation and if they add a bat, do you think, D. A., that the Red Sox have a shot at the pennant?

  • Karaline

    Felger- I was watching HGTV yesterday and I saw a couple
    showing off their $$ addition/bang for your buck.
    Their names were The FELGER’S (i believe the husband’s first name was Dan) he looked and sounded just like you. Is this your brother? I believe they live in Miami?

  • andrena

    Yes…that is his brother Dan!

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