2504704 Nomar To Retire With Red Sox

Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The Red Sox announce the one day signing of Nomar Garciaparra so that he can retire as a Red Sox. Then he will take a job at ESPN.  After his press conference he joined Tanguay & Gresh to talk about his decision.

Comments (3)
  1. Super Exploder 3 says:

    C’mon Guys, the real reason Nomar retired was he couldn’t image playing in a world without Corey Haim… BOOM!

  2. David says:

    I wish you all would show some class. Whatever else you all think, there is no excuse for the sophomoric drops and the high-school-like teasing you all do. I’m disappointed by your lack of professionalism and by the sheer immature tone you’ve struck regarding this Nomar thing. You can be hard-hitting in your reporting and still be classy about it.

  3. GreshGotBalls says:

    Gresh is absolutely correct. Nomahhhhh! will always be a loser or perceived as a loser because once they got rid of that cancer in the locker room they won it all! If they had kept this loser in ’04 they would never had come back from 0-3 to win in 7 against the Yanks. My lasting memory of Nomar will be this pouting jackass on the bench in midsummer ’04 and watching Jeter running full speed head first into the stands on the 3rd base line. Nomar gave up on his team. This from a die-hard Sox fan that booked a flight to St. Louis the morning or game 4 to see the Sox win it all. Gresh is what others in this town need to be – someone with balls instead of a ball washer. Great job Gresh!

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