The Celtics continue their struggles losing theirsecond straight. Tonight they lose to the Grizzlies at the Garden, 111-91. Rondo and Ray Allen each had 17 points. Grizzlies shot 55% in the game. It was the Grizzlies’ first victory over Boston in seven tries since 2006.

  1. mccoy17 says:

    wow, where to begin. I’m a longtime c’s fan on the west coast…. how do you view the c’s struggles, lack of caoching innovation, lack of inspiration for the players, age catching up, a team that still needs to gel- due to new pieces and injuries? For myself I have to say I like Rondo’s ability to penetrate and score, but wondering if sometimes he calls his own # too early in the game. Maybe if he routinely spent the 1st half of games getting everyone else invloved we may see the TEAM inspired more going onto the half, w/ everyone getting the touches. 2nd half we seem tired maybe this is the perfect time to unleash rondo’s offense. go to rondo and whoever is hot. Kind of alarming lately how rondo, tony allen and big baby seem to be the only ones running both ends of the floor, chasing boards, and moving w’o the ball. Of course ray=ray always runs whether his shot is dropping or not. But on each end, I see Sheed leaving lanes in the paint, no-one closing out the baseline, and no presence for rebounds at all. The intensity is gone. Whatever happened to KG’s-“Our defense is our backbone” ? Talk now of Doc looking at lineup changes? for a 40-23 team why do I feel like is a charade? Smoke and Mirrors? Got a feeling the playoffs are gonna be painful. I dont want to lose faith, but I’m very concerned.

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