98.5 The Sports Hub is proud to announce veteran sportscaster Ted Sarandis has joined the airstaff at 98.5 The Sports Hub, WBZ-FM effective immediately.

Sarandis’ TED NATION SHOW will debut this Sunday, March 14 from 7:00p-10:00pm. His first program on 98.5 will focus on the NCAA College Basketball Tournament selections. His regular Sunday afternoon schedule will begin in April.

Sarandis’ lengthy broadcast career includes stints as a sports talk show host and play-by-play broadcaster in Boston for more then thirty years. He has served as the play-by-play voice of Boston College Basketball for the last fifteen seasons and was inducted into the New England Basketball Hall of Fame in October of 2009. Sarandis was the sixth play-by-play announcer to earn the prestigious honor from the 6 state region.

Sarandis holds the unique distinction of having called play-by play for all four Division 1 Basketball institutions in Boston –  Boston College, Harvard University, Northeastern University as well as Holy Cross. His additional play-by-play credits include Boston Celtics Basketball, Harvard University Hockey and the Beanpot Hockey Tournament, the ECAC Basketball Game of the Week, UMass Basketball and the Lowell Loch Monsters Hockey on television.

“I am thrilled to be joining what I consider to be the best sports radio station in the country, exclaimed Sarandis. It’s my hope that my TED NATION audience will turn out big time to 98.5 The Sports Hub. I can assure one and all we will cover the Boston sports scene in a comprehensive manner and do it with dignity and class.”

“We saw a unique opportunity to get Ted on our team. said Mike Thomas 98.The Sports Hub Program Director. He is incredibly knowledgeable about Boston sports, especially college sports and with the men’s basketball tournament starting up, the timing is perfect.”

Comments (8)
  1. Rob Wilde says:

    Ted is Boston sports staple. He is steady and consistent and on top of it a genuinely nice guy. He was great to me when I was pioneering college hoops with the Colonial Classic Basketball Tournament in the Gaaaaden back in the late 70’s and never forgot me later on when things were not so good. He deserves all he gets and Boson Sports fans deserve the best which they are getting in Ted.

    All the best,

    Bob Wilde

    1. Susan Lewsen says:

      You are right on. It’s been toooooooooooo long a time with Ted off the sports radio.

  2. LSCII says:

    Ted Sarandis is horrible. Other than being a name, he brings nothing to the table. He only likes callers who tell him his opinions are right and condescends to anyone who doesn’t agree with him. This is the wrong direction for the hub, in my opinion. Get more people like DA on there.

    PS. Gresh is horrible too. Replace him ASAP.

    1. Susan Lewsen says:

      You’re way out in left field. Ted is a great addition to sports. Have really missed him. Glad he is back

    2. GWC says:

      Nooooo!!!! I stopped listening to the other sports station at night when sarandis was on.. LSCII nailed it, he’s condescending and rude. It is possible that his attitude may have changed with his much earned absence from the airwaves, but I doubt it. All i can do is tune to the other station during ‘tednation’ time. It’s too bad, 98.5 has done most things right since coming onto the airwaves back in august. Please make this a short run experiment… please!

  3. JellyBelly says:

    I guess having Ted back on the air is a good thing, as long as he can be stopped from talking down to people. This became very annoying
    on his former hosting gig!
    Also, can you please dump the Fox junk on the overnight ! (Why not look into bringing in someone like Doug Brown(@ESPN radio).

  4. Don Martin says:

    Will Bill Coen get the job at BC replacing Al Skinner? What do you think of Coach Coen? He has a great record of winning and recruiting top basketball talent! What are his strengths and weaknesses in your opinion?

  5. jeru says:

    great to have a thoughtful voice back on boston sports radio–good to have you back Teddy!!!

    maybe the suits at 985 the sports actually know what they are doing

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