DA Podcast: Bruins Lack of Response to Savard's Concussion

Why didn’t the Bruins respond to the dirty hit on Savard? DA says its emblamatic of the season – Bob Beers on whether the B’s should have abided by the code on the ice – and John in Medford’s cable access video will be released. We tell you when.

  • Mackenzie

    I think it is funny that the person who was actually mad and saying stuff to the penguins was bergeron. What in the hell happened to the team?

    I post/follow on the espn boards and there is a person who just started to follow the bruins this year. A member of the board welcomed him with the best analogy ever.

    “Welcome to a lifetime of heartbreak! The best analogy I can give to being a Bruins fan is that it’s like dating a really hot crazy woman, just when it seems you’ve got it all figured out she flips out and ruins everything.”

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