John “The Kid” Byers has always been known for his brutal honesty and hard hitting questions. Is what he has to say always nice? No. But are we hungry for his insight? You bet we are.  Before, we continue: If you haven’t seen the picture gallery it’s worth a look. After you have done this, it’s time to listen in at the 43:00 minute mark where we released a few minutes of audio from one of the biggest nights of D.A.’s career. Of course John isn’t the first person to call Felger a douche bag. However, according to simulations I have been running in my laboratory for the past four hours, no one has ever referred to Tony Massarotti as “that little weenie…” until now.

We also found out another first from tonight’s audio. Turns out John is extremely knowledgeable in the marketing and advertising fields. In fact, some might even call him an expert. He has worked closely with numerous print publications to promote his show. Even better, he often fathoms what could have been had 98.5 been around in 1986 when shirts were being sold throughout Boston (promoting the dominance of the four major sports teams) that read “The Hub of Sports.”

Listen, I know people are flustered over the fact that only a few minutes of audio have been released from this epic event. But be happy because this is the right thing to do. Trust me, I’m a doctor.  I’ve seen this same scenario a million times. If you give too much of something to someone, whether it be medication or in this case audio and video, it can be overwhelming and unhealthy. Each day we will release more audio and next week we will have an edited down video for you.

In the meantime, listen to D.A.’s Podcast and be sure to look at the pictures . John is the one in the turquoise Celtics jacket with a golf ball size stain of what appears to be tomato sauce.

Prescribed by,

Dr. BS, DA Show MD

  1. JJ says:

    very amusing….the doctor is IN!!!

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