dicek What is Dice K Thinking?
Photo: Boston Herald

Tell us what you think is on Dice-K’s mind…
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Comments (41)
  1. Jeff in Manchester NH says:

    Did someone just wish me luck in winning a metal in Vancouver for Mens Short Program Figure Skating?

  2. Matthew, Brighton says:

    Why is Timmy Wake in my parking spot?

  3. Doug in Weymouth MA says:

    I knew i should have parked next to tiger now my windows broke.

  4. Thom says:

    Who the hell would name their kid Boof? (Boof Bosner)

  5. Marcus in Portsmouth NH says:

    If I can get both Beckett and Lester in one shot than I am Ichiban in the rotation!

  6. Walter Roach says:

    If Danny Ainge or any other member of the Celtics brass don’t look before they back up they will break Gary Tanguay or Dickerson’s nose.

    1. kruse, rochester,n.y. says:

      great comment

  7. Jeff in Beverly, MA says:

    OH NO!!! The secret’s out… the Gyro Ball doesn’t exist!

  8. Scott says:

    I told Wakefield to stop tailgating me, ooh now my back is sore.
    Scott in Fitchburg, Ma

  9. Craig in Wrentham says:

    Man, I hope no one realizes that this move right here makes it hard to play off a back injury…

  10. Safran says:

    “Damn Toyota brakes…”

  11. Sean sutton says:

    “I can’t believe I just backed up into another car”

  12. Kevin the Intern says:

    Is Timmy actually pitching that bad?

  13. Dan says:

    I just injured my neck, better not tell management

  14. Hank Travis says:

    “Why is Tito making me drive all the team’s recalled Toyotas back to the dealership?”

  15. Tim in Watertown says:

    Why is the bus leaving without me?

  16. peter clark says:

    It’s a rental… It does a 100 in reverse, right???

  17. Jason says:

    Oh my god I think I just ran over Josh Beckett. Oh well he wasn’t gonna play anyway

  18. Ken says:

    Fill it up deisel gas! How Much????

  19. Cecil in Madras says:

    Was that? It was! That’s Giselle Bundcheon! Too bad I’m not cool like Scott Zolak, or I’d pull over and hit on her…

  20. keith says:

    i back into car again, uh oh!

  21. Madman1012 says:

    I think i can see Japan from here.

  22. Adam in Milford says:

    Ugh, I’m so sick of hearing this Tiger guy’s speach. I’m outta here!

  23. Jeff in Sacramento says:

    Epstein, don’t make me hunt you down for my check again, Punk.

  24. Bryan, Canton says:

    “i look so cool in my new Taurus”

  25. Michael Lyons says:

    master Bucholson, was that 3 biga macs and 2 large fries/ or 2 big macs and 3 large fries….

  26. Roger in South Portland, ME says:

    Hey Theo…want me to fill it up after I’m done washing it?

  27. Rick says:

    Damn, that chiropractor made a bigger thump than I thought he would

  28. Dai says:


  29. Ciacc says:

    Ooh..Heidy Watney’s ass look good.

  30. Kevin the Intern says:

    Is it just me that sees Timmy throwing like that?

  31. matt says:

    whoa Gary Tanguay’s head is huge.

  32. Dan, Canton says:

    how much turn signal i need to switch 8 lanes? None? Okay, good luck everybody else!

  33. Jasy1 says:

    Hey, AH get the ^&^(())) outta my way!

  34. Ciaccio says:

    wow…look at Heidy Watney’s hard ass. She must be working out!

  35. SN says:

    I’m lost. How do I get to Fenway?

  36. Newms says:

    stupid americans and their workout programs.

  37. bob says:

    OOOH I back up like I back-doored red sox for $80 million!

  38. Wendy S. in Hingham says:

    Was that Tanguay truck guy?….Yes it is….I want one of those GMC trucks because I want to be a truck guy too.

  39. Derrick in Somerset says:

    Kinishi Wah “BITCHES”

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