Oh, sure. When Snow-ageddon was supposed to happen last week, we were locked in the studios for five hours as two inches fell.

blazers Mother Nature Hates D.A.


Tonight, Logan shut down – preventing D.A. from flying back from a wedding and doing the show.

But worse, the Blazers Dancers had to reschedule.

Tonight was to be the kickoff of Women of the DA Show – a two week bonanza during the Olympics of celebrating New England’s sports hotties. Over the next two weeks, we’ll have Comcast’s Jackie Pepper, Carolyn Manno and Jessica Moran, NESN’s Kathryn Tappen, Patriots.com’s Kristina Akra, Celtics Dancers and more in studio.

Mother Nature thinks we’re chauvinists. Hey, give us a break! We’re staring at Al Michaels every night.

Comments (3)
  1. FelgersMaleBag says:

    Who cares? Your replacement blows bag too.. Less spittle yes..

    But its hard to tell, when hes got Bob Ryan’s hog and article in his mouth. Jeeze dude.. Is a 4 hour show based on an article by a 72- year old man writing for a dinosaur medium really worth it?

    Give it a rest.. and BTW do you find uncircumcised men more sensitive? Cuz you are over-tonguing Bob Ryan.

  2. larry says:

    You shoulld have walked back to Boston DA….. Your turning into a wimp like Felger…………………

  3. D.A. says:

    Thanks guys. Really appreciate the support.

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