Ray Allen D.C. Bound?

rayallen2 Ray Allen D.C. Bound?

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Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Boston Celtics are discussing a huge trade with WashingtonRay Allen, Brian Scalabrine and J.R. Giddens would go to the Wizards for Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler. No deal is close at the moment, but the two sides are expected to keep talking at the all-star break this weekend.

Yahoo Sports is also reporting the Butler is being discussed as part of a separate trade with the Dallas Mavericks for a package of players, including Josh Howard.

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge is downplaying rumors that Ray Allen is heading to Washington. He tells the Boston Globe “I have had conversations with a lot of teams but those have never been discussed. There are a lot of things I would like to do but I don’t feel a need to do something.”

  • Pat

    I don’t see how the Celtics can consider trading one of the most elite 3 point shooters to EVER PLAY THE GAME, as well as Ray Allen and JR Giddens

    • patrick

      not mention that JR Giddens is one of the greatest dunkers that no one has ever heard of

  • Ian

    For butler and jamison..they’d be stupid not to guy. Pat get a grip, we are playing for a ring. The celts aren’t getting any younger.

  • jared

    pat are you nuts? this adds depth and more talent to a very talented roster. plus you keep jamison away from the Cavs…DO IT

  • Ben

    Don’t worry Pat, I got the joke

  • G

    Pat…I like it…thats what the wonderlic test looks like so for Ian and Jared….you two moron’s would have failed.

  • todd

    I see some of us on this board were born without a sense of humor or wit. may god have mercy on your souls.

  • Kevin

    This trade has to happen if they want a chance at a title. Ray-Ray is getting old. Toucher and Rich need to find a new candidate for White-Boy Wednesdays; I heard Curt Schilling isn’t doing anything!

  • harry

    this would be a fantastic trade! love Ray, but wow, getting Jamison AND Butler…a no brainer!

  • Don

    I would love to have Caron Butler on the celtics!!!!

    • Ben

      Caron Butler are both physical players that can get to the rim. Butler can create hiw own shot which is what we need more of. It’s sad to see tghe 2nd unit with Scal and Sheed and Davis. The only one that can dribble past anyone is Tony Allen. I ssay make the trade I’d much rather have Butler and Jamison on the floor than Scal and Davis.

  • Randy

    Jamison and Butler both avg more points than Ray Allen this year and both avg over 7 boards a game which the c’s blow at this year. This would be a great move 2 good solid players for a aging all star and 2 players with little to now impact. Giddens does nothing and Scal just makes the crowd go nuts cause he is the only white guy on the team.

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