Felger & Massarotti are live all Super Bowl week from Fort Lauderdale.

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  1. steve benson says:

    I have been a diehard Pats fan since 1966. Season ticket holder 1966-1988. I am this close to giving up my fanatical allegiance. Belichick is out of control. He is becoming almost bizarre. At the end of the season he admitted that maybe he needed another voice in his ear. So what does he do. He gets rid of two voices and only hires one back. The Cheapass Krafts must love this. They don’t have to pay any coordinators now. What an arrogant f…! He thinks his opinion on all matters Patriot is all. I see disaster in the future. The shine is off. His decisions on who to draft and who to keep have been snippy at best, horrendous at worst. Starting with Viniateri and continuing on. He thinks he can coach up anybody but as we saw this year unh unh. I really think it is time for the Cheapasses to look in a different direction. Its time to send Belichick packing, trade Brady, blow the thing up and start all over again.

    1. Bobby Meds says:

      quiet down old man or I’ll have Wilfork “sack” you!

  2. Ev says:

    you’re a dink…I’d like to blow you up.

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